Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Zonked Creek Chub

This is a variation of Andreas Andresons Project Sushi. Substituted a few materials and gave it a blended head.

Rear Hook #6 Allen B200

Tail/Back  - Sculpin olive marabou and natural hare magnum rabbit strip
Flash - Black Krystal Flash 
Hackle - Fiery Brown Schlappen
Body - Olive Brown Ice Dub (dubbing loop)
Rubberlegs - Dark Pumpkinseed(ish)


19 strand Beadalon Wire
3 Glass Beads

Front Hook #4 Allen B200  

 Tail -  Sculpin Olive  marabou and natural hare magnum rabbit strip 
Flash -  Black Krystal Flash 
Body - Olive Brown Ice Dub (dubbing loop) 
Hackle - Fiery Brown Schlappen 
Legs - Pumpkinseed(ish) rubber legs 
Collar - Tan/Sculpin Olive/Light Olive Lazer Dub 
Head - Medium Fish Skull

Monday, February 27, 2017

January - February Update

So, here we are in 2017. I'll try and keep this fairly short ant to the point... We've had a fairly warm winter so far, and we've had some luck as far as increased flows. Most of our trout streams are flowing pretty good right now compared to almost all of 2016 with the exception of springtime. 

Stones, small nymphs, and streamers have been doing really well lately. Mostly gold stones and sculpin patterns have been doing the most work. Still haven't found the opportunity to fish dries yet this year, although this past weekend we did see a few risers to early black stones. Looks like I'll have to whip some up for the upcoming trips out.

So far this year it's been a brown trout game, with the exception of a trip to Steelhead Alley. Those fish... I've been hearing that these big lake run steelhead are able to be caught stripping streamers. I just had to check that out. So a buddy of mine and I drove overnight for a weekend trip to search for Chromerambe. Snowmelt had the fish in a funk, and it was a f****n GRIND. We ended up 2-5 for the trip. Although, the two that were landed were taken on an articulated sculpin. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta 

So, now were are knocking on March's door. All I can think about now is dry flies for browns, and throwing everything I can at pre-spawn smallies. Spring is one of my favorite times to fish. The forests will come alive with all different colors. Greens, pinks, and our favorite, GOLD. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Same fish, New Year

Met up with a few friends over the past weekend for some usual fishbum shenanigans. Basically, boozin' and brown trout. It's a pretty legit weekend if I do say so myself. Anway, Here's the skinny of what went down... 

So, we get off to a late start and take our time getting ready. As we discuss the plan for the day, we all have the same idea in mind. Streamerrrrs.... It was a good plan. Within the first 10 minutes of the day, we had a double on. My fish taped out at 20, Dave's fish taped a big 22. Not a bad way to start the day off. The bite wasn't crazy like we all had hoped after that. Everyone had to really work to get a fish to close out the year with. Good times with good people. 

We met up again on New Years Day to check out the local springs. John got a really good rainbow that took the slancho. Beautifully colored fish in the 17-18" class, which unfortunately made his way out of the net before we could snap a pic or two. We did pick up a few babies, and made our way to another spring. Here, we moved some browns on streamers, and Evan lost one on a cressbug pattern. Another great day on the springs was in the books. Tomorrow, I have a musky float lined up. Time to put in some work! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Update

It's been a great year so far! We've had some low water, however the fish have still been hungry. Over the last few weeks we've had some great success! The post spawn bite has been strong pretty much all over the state of Pennsylvania. 

Streamers and stoneflies have been producing most of the fish. Sculpins, creek chubs, and a few other random patterns have been really solid. Baetis nymphs have been producing fish as well. I've been waiting for some dry fly midge action or bwo's, however the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet. Tomorrow starts a 4 day adventure. These 4 days are mostly directed towards brown trout, however a musky float is in order for Monday.

I hope everyone has an exceptional holiday weekend. Get outside and get on the water!!